Hey Dave,

The fit worked out great and we got a ton of riding done in NZ - magic!

I’d like to get my road bike feeling the same way, plus get another set of insoles/shims off you for my second set of mtn shoes.

When are you free?

Thanks again for the first fit by the way. It really saved our trip!

Rich Kupskay

Hi Dave,

Just back from a quick spin on the Vitali. Brilliant feel to it. It’s like a new bike. Was a great experience and very much appreciated.

Will reconnect I’m sure.



Hey Dave

Missed you in Whistler,  I hope you enjoyed the weekend.

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how pleased I am with the fitting service you did for me a week ago on my new Venge.

I rode the next day and actually (despite your advice not to) rode to Whistler on Saturday morning. Other than the predicted settling pains in my muscles the bike feels amazing and I actually feel like a proper roadie.  I’m blown away by how little tweaks can result in such gains.

Really really appreciate the extra time you took with me, the fitting in the evening and the set up we ended up with.

Anyway enough blathering - I just wanted to extend my thanks!!!

Thanks my man!


Hi Dave,

I apologize that it has taken me so long to get back to you about my fit.

In summary, I love it. Thank you.

In detail:

  1. The numb feet.  Gone. Only a tiny trace going down Mt seymour (which is inevitable considering how long i am standing on the pedals).  I can’t believe I didn’t get even a touch of numbness all the way to whistler (a 5 hour ride!).
  2. The numb hands. Only a fraction of previously experienced and while on bumpy roads.
  3. The sore butt.  Much much improved with the new seat!  I could sit after my long rides!
  4. The tires - not sure if I could notice the tire changes in isolation but I shaved 5 minutes of my cypress uphill time so I don’t think it’s hurting!
  5. The handlebar and stem changes. It feels really good. and comfortable. My balance and stability are improved (which feels so paradoxical cause i am bent over more) and I can signal with both arms (aka - I can ride with only one hand now on each side!).  Also, I do believe it helps with my climbing since I am way more balanced and can ride with my hands on top of the bars as opposed to only on my hoods so seem to be able to geneeate more sustained power.

All in all, you took quite a bit of time but you obviously know your stuff.  Thank you!!!!  It was worth every minute spent and every cent!

With happier biking body parts,




Thank you so much for your time and attention to detail last night. This morning’s ride to work actually felt like that - it felt like I was riding the bike and not just hanging onto it. The legs felt free to spin, I felt more precise in the corners and getting in and out the saddle was much snappier. I’m even more thrilled with my bike now. And those lizard skins are worth every penny, I’m going to have to hit you up for some for my Ridley now too.

Thanks again, you did an amazing job.


Hey Dave –

This morning was my first ride since the bike fit on Tuesday night, and it went REALLY well! It was a casual spin, so nothing intense, but I could still tell how much better it felt. I did the Prospect Point hill and, again, while casual so I didn’t set any kind of land speed record, I felt far stronger going up the hill.

No back issues and felt comfortable, so I would say it’s a victory! I’ll be going out for a harder, longer ride on Saturday morning, but I’m more confident in it now after this morning’s ride!

Thanks again!



Finally got time to get out on the bike for a few rides

Wanted to pass along some “very positive” feedback on the bike fitting

Huge improvement on the ride (and being able to walk up  stairs the next day)

Many thanks

Brad Davies

Thanks Dave,

I’ve got my new stem and have been out riding a few times - rain and all!

My bike feels SO MUCH better. I have more power and control and the comfort level is greatly improved.

Thanks for helping us get through 16 hours on a bike this June!


Scot McDonald


Did a 65 km ride 3200 ft climbing this afternoon usually takes 2hr 20 did it in 2 hrs. Had seriously 25-30 % more power and was sat way more and when standing had more power. Front end felt high at first but I soon settled into it the bike felt fast and comfortable. Think Edwin will be calling you shortly. Thanks again was amazing.


Hi Dave,

Bike is working out great since the fit. Covered about 130 km since Wednesday and my knee is pain free!



Hi Dave,

The bike fit is wonderful. I have been meaning to stop by and talk to you about it for ages. I really appreciate all the changes you made. My friend Micheline has been raving about her fitting as well. She is very happy.


Manager, Different Bikes

Hey Dave

Was a hoot! Had a great time. I raced in the Giro and stayed with the pack til half way up Furry, then got dropped. Rode by myself til the Chek Canyon when the first Fondo riders came up and I jumped in with them to finish. Great event.

Bike was awesome! Thanks again! Feels really good!

John Irvine

Director of International Sales, ARC'TERYX Equipment

Well, we made it… in fact we loved it! Mark was much faster than me, but considering our lack of previous experience and MY advanced age, we did respectfully well. In fact I think Mark surprised even himself.

The other good news is there were no mechanical issues and the benefits of our last-minute bike fits were HUGE.

We both noticed much more comfort and efficiency in our riding. I can’t thank you enough for forcing me to buy new shoes and that compact handlebar. They took no getting used to and felt so much better than the old setup. No next day pain either!

It was not a cake-walk by any means. There were some INSANE hills that just never ended. Thank goodness I had no idea what I was in for…ignorance is bliss, for sure. I’d do it again though…

Big Thanks, Dave, from both of us. We’ll be in touch soon.

Kathy Stahr

Hi Dave,

Yes I rode the bike to work twice and no problems with the knee {just feels like it’s getting better every day} and overall very comfortable. Thank you for the great job, and I’ll keep in touch for any minor things in the future.