Speedplay Pedal Kit

Foot Pedal Session

One area where BC BikeFit differentiates itself from other fit systems is our focus on the foot-pedal interface. For example, an average cyclist completing a 100 mile ride (“a century”) will have rotated the pedals 54,000 times* their legs/feet are clearly doing a lot of work. That is why BC Bike Fit places so much emphasis on the foot/pedal connection.

Recent studies show 96% of all cyclists are misaligned in their connection to the bicycle, decreasing comfort, and efficiency which can lead to all kinds of problems one in particular is knee pain. We can move a little on the saddle and re-locate our hands on the bar but once the cleat is engaged into the pedal there is very little movement. This is why the cleat has to be position correctly for optimal performance, efficiency and comfort and reducing the possibly of an injury.

Book your 1 hour Foot/Pedal session today and make this contact area a positive and powerful one. You can bring in your existing pedals and shoes and get that system re-set. Or, BC Bike Fit sells shoes, pedals and cleats if this is needed. If you buy a pair of LAKE cycling shoes the Foot Pedal session is complimentary with that purchase.

Don’t over look the importance of the Foot Pedal interface, book your Pedal session today, contact Dave.


  • Click Book Your Session option on the main tool bar
  • Indicate the type of session required: Road, MTB, or Saddle Session…etc.
  • Choose the time and day on the calendar