Gravel Bike Fitting

Gravel bike fit is extremely important! Riders of all abilities can spend hours in the saddle in a somewhat static neutral position. Comfort and efficiency are key to making that Sunday Gravel ride a great one. Riding a variety of mixed surfaces requires the bike to be dialed in for maximum fun and optimal handling on loose surfaces.

Your Gravel Bike Fit session includes an examination of and required adjustments to saddle height, saddle fore/aft and if the saddle is not a match the Saddle Studio has a fantastic selection of comfortable saddles. We will also be looking at cockpit length, handlebar drop, and handlebar rotation. In addition, a pedal stoke evaluation determines whether any cleat adjustments are needed, including wedging for varus (inward) or valgus (outward) deviation. 80 to 90% of all cyclists have some kind of misaligned foot-pedal set up. At 90rpm the average cyclist completes over 5,000 revolutions per hour.

Make every one count - find your bike-body relationship with BC Bike Fit.

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