Mountain Bike Fitting

One of the key components to mountain biking is being comfortable in the saddle and on the trail. The terrain in British Columbia can be technical and challenging so why not get set up for success and be ready to take on any trail!

Each Mountain Bike Fit is a head-to-toe fit process focusing on the foot–pedal interface.

Your 2-hour session includes examination of and required adjustments to saddle height, saddle fore/aft, cockpit length, handlebar drop and handlebar rotation. In addition, a pedal stoke evaluation determines whether any cleat adjustments are needed, including wedging for varus (inward) or valgus (outward) deviation.

80 to 90% of all cyclists have some form of misaligned foot–pedal set up. At 90rpm the average cyclist completes over 5,000 revolutions per hour. Make every one count - find your bike–body relationship with BC Bike Fit.

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