Triathlon Bike Fit

logo: F.I.S.T CertifiedAre you a Triathlete looking to take your ride time to the next level? There’s no better way to start than with a F.I.S.T certified Tri Bike Fit! BC Bike Fit is pleased to share with the Triathlon Community the knowledge and expertise gained in Dan Empfield’s industry-leading 3-day tri bike fit program from The bike leg in a triathlon is the longest, so make it count - maximize your power, efficiency and aerodynamics with BC Bike Fit.

BC Bike Fit will take the time to assess and adjust your foot pedal interface through a front view pedal stroke evaluation. This, combined with the correct body–bike relationship, will maximize your areodynamic potential. Your Tri Bike Fit can be completed on a road bike with aero bars or a full-on triathlon-specific bike, with minor differences due to bicycle geometry. Stay with this fast moving sport and get set up so that your ride meets your goals.

Time Trial Fit

Gunning for a Time Trial personal best? BC Bike Fit has the knowledge and know how on how to get you from Start to Finish in a flash. Aerodynamics play a big part in facing the wind head-on small changes can result in big time.

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Video Analysis

BC Bike Fit provides a video motion analysis provided by Innovisions MaxTRAQ 2D software. Video analysis is one of the best tools to expose mechanical movements that are not visible to the naked eye. This is just another component to the full services fit program that BC Bike Fit offers.

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