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Bike Products

During a bike fit it might be necessary to change a stem or handle bar so we can find the correct size that provides optimal comfort and positioning on your bike. Having these product on hand allows me to provide greater customer service and convenience. BC Bike Fit carries reputable brands such as Ritchey, FSA, Selle Italia and Chromag. If these are not what you were looking for based on your brand of bike and model, I might be able to order in what you may need. If not, local bike shop will be able to source your components.


lake shoes at bc bike fit

Lake Cycling

Lake Cycling


Lake Cycling


BC Bike Fit believes in footwear comfort & performance and this is why I have chosen to sell Lake. If you buy a pair of LAKE cycling shoes from BC Bike Fit you will receive a complimentary foot pedal interface evaluation along with a front-view pedal stroke assessment.

The needs of cyclists are not only dependent upon the type of riding they will do but also their gender & how hard they ride. This theory goes beyond materials & construction methods to the actual foot form (the “last”) around which a shoe is built to determine whether a shoe meets a particular need. Instead of trying to make one or two-foot shapes fit every rider, we have created a variety lasts to meet most riders needs.

Since 1982 Lake has innovated new categories in the cycling shoe market. Mountain Bike Shoes were nonexistent until Lake produced the first shoe designed specifically to handle the rough terrain and stiff enough to not cause foot fatigue. Lake remains resolute in our focus, to make the most comfortable, best-performing cycling shoe in the market.

We hope you will join the family of Lake Shoe Supporters! To try on the Lake shoes, book your session today! 

Note: Cleat not included nor is any aftermarket footbed if needed


Shoe Purchase Service Includes

  • Cleat installation
  • On-bike front view pedal stroke evaluation
  • If there is a need for any of the following cleat adjustments;
    • Fore-Aft
    • Medial Lateral
    • Introduction of wedges to treat forefoot tilt
    • Fine-tune rotation for optimal float



Saddle Studio 2


Saddle Studio

Saddle discomfort is very common amongst cyclist but it does not have to be that way. The Saddle Studio provides a valuable service to cyclists of all levels, whether you are a commuter, cross country racer, triathlete or road rider.

Many riders believe that with cycling comes some kind of discomfort often directing this comment at the saddle. Finding a comfortable saddle is possible and that is exactly what the Saddle Studio is designed to do!

The correct saddle will provide more comfortable allowing you to perform up to your potential. Take the guess work out of “What saddle is best for me?”. Come and experience the Saddle Studio system that guarantees comfort and satisfaction or I will give you your money back.

Book Today, your Butt will thank you.


  • Click Book Your Session option on the main tool bar
  • Indicate the type of session required: Road, MTB, or Saddle Session…etc.
  • Choose the time and day on the calendar


Stems and Handle Bars

Stems and Handle Bars

At BC Bike Fit solving problems and keeping the cyclist happy is what it is all about. No need to visit the local bike shop shopping looking around for parts, I have everything ready to set you up.

At BC Bike Fit you can have your bike set up and ready to ride regardless of what changes are needed.

Stems and handlebars are two of the most common items swapped out during a bike fit.

Easton products are high-quality well-made stems and bars that will work on almost any bike.

Its all about get the bike dialed in and ready to so you can start having more fun straight away.






Our first clipless pedals were specifically designed for road cycling, and the reliability and precision of the KEO technology quickly became a reference in this area. From pure racing to leisure riding, you can be sure to find the right option for you.

The KEO 2 MAX is an excellent example of our expertise. With its wide, 500mm² contact area and composite body, it offers state-of-the-art technology for full power transfer, in an affordable package. This has been BC Bike Fit’s best selling pedal for years, come on in and lets go for a spin.




Compliment your performance by using Shimano pedals for any bike or any drivetrain. This pedal system will tie it all together with stellar all-round performance. Shimano pedals deliver pro level performance for the cycling enthusiast. The extra-wide carbon platform provides more efficient power transfer, optimally converting your efforts to forward momentum. A wide bearing stance provides long lasting performance, and a buttery smooth action. Super light weight and reliable for all your riding needs, BC Bike Fit has a great selection so let’s get you rolling with Shimano.




Increase your power, improve your knee tracking and reduce your recovery time! All proven benefits of wearing currexSole BIKEPRO insoles. It’s not all about performance either, you’ll discover new levels of fit and comfort.

currexSole BIKEPRO insoles individualize the fit and comfort of your cycling shoes. They will help you to combat many common painful issues like hot spots and blisters by reducing movement and improving foot position, thus reducing hotspots and pressure points under the forefoot.

Aidan Caves, Vancouver, a member of Canadian National Cycle Team on BikePro Insoles:

” Before using Currex BikePro Insoles I would get hot spots on my feet, sometimes even numb toes, now I can do 6 hour days more comfortably with no foot pain or numbness “

  • Canadian Track & Road Cyclist
  • 2014 Canadian National Team Pursuit Team member
  • Pan Am Medalist
  • 8X Canadian National Track champion

BIKEPRO insoles are available now at BC Bike Fit!

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