BikePro Insoles

Increase your power, improve your knee tracking and reduce your recovery time! All proven benefits of wearing currexSole BIKEPRO insoles. It’s not all about performance either, you’ll discover new levels of fit and comfort.

currexSole BIKEPRO insoles individualize the fit and comfort of your cycling shoes. They will help you to combat many common painful issues like hot spots and blisters by reducing movement and improving foot position, thus reducing hotspots and pressure points under the forefoot.

Bikepro Insoles

Aidan Caves, Vancouver, a member of Canadian National Cycle Team on BikePro Insoles:

” Before using Currex BikePro Insoles I would get hot spots on my feet, sometimes even numb toes, now I can do 6 hour days more comfortably with no foot pain or numbness “

  • Canadian Track & Road Cyclist
  • 2014 Canadian National Team Pursuit Team member
  • Pan Am Medalist
  • 8X Canadian National Track champion


BIKEPRO insoles are available now at BC Bike Fit!