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Lake Cycling


BC Bike Fit believes in footwear comfort & performance and this is why I have chosen to sell Lake. If you buy a pair of LAKE cycling shoes from BC Bike Fit you will receive a complimentary foot pedal interface evaluation along with a front view pedal stroke assessment.

The needs of cyclists are not only dependent upon the type of riding they will do, but also their gender & how hard they ride. This theory goes beyond materials & construction methods to the actual foot form (the “last”) around which a shoe is built to determine whether a shoe meets a particular need. Instead of trying to make one or two foot shapes fit every rider, we have created a variety lasts to meet most riders needs.

Since 1982 Lake has innovated new categories in the cycling shoe market. Mountain Bike Shoes were inexistent until Lake produced the first shoe designed specifically to handle the rough terrain and stiff enough to not cause foot fatigue. Lake remains resolute in our focus, to make the most comfortable, best performing cycling shoe in the market.

We hope you will join the family of Lake Shoe Supporters contact Dave at to set up a time to come in and try on LAKE.

Note: Cleat not included nor is any aftermarket footbed if needed

Shoe Purchase Service Includes

  • Cleat installation
  • On-bike front view pedal stroke evaluation
  • If there is a need for any of the following cleat adjustments;
    • Fore-Aft
    • Medial Lateral
    • Introduction of wedges to treat forefoot tilt
    • Fine-tune rotation for optimal float