How to book an appointment

  • Click Book Your Session option in the main menu
  • Indicate the type of fit required: Road, MTB, Tri, or Mobile, etc…
  • Choose time and day interested in a session

How much does a bike fit cost?

The following prices are in $CAD and do not include applicable taxes.

  • Road Bike Fit: $275.00
  • Gravel Bike Fit: $225.00
  • Triathlon Bike Fit: $295.00
  • Mountain Bike Fit: $175.00
  • Rec Rider Fit: $175.00
  • Mobile Bike Fit: $425.00
  • Sizing Session: $345.00
  • Foot Pedal Session: $120.00
  • Saddle Session $39.95
  • Additional bike road or MTB: $80.00 (this must be completed during initial visit). An additional bike can be done at a later date for $125.00.

What should I bring to the fit session?

  • Cycling Clothing should be worn during your bike fit. Cycling shorts and a jersey or snug fitting top are best.

How long does a bike fit session take?

  • The average bike fit takes approximately 2 hours.

What does the 2-hour fit session include?

  • A short interview to gather information about the rider’s history.
  • Assessment and, if required, adjustment of saddle height, saddle fore/aft, cockpit length, handlebar drop and handlebar rotation.
  • A front view pedal stoke evaluation to asses if any cleat adjustments are needed including varus (inward) or valgus (outward) wedging.
  • Any follow up visits for minor adjustments are free of charge within the first 30 days.

What times are available for scheduling a bike fit session?

  • Having a home-based bike fitting studio allows for flexible hours for your bike fit.
  • Call or email Dave to schedule a suitable time that meets your needs.

We accept Visa & Mastercard
We accept Visa & Mastercard

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